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Welcome to my Studio Photo Shoots Portfolio!

HI! I am Giusi, born in 1979, and I’m a professional photographer since 2010.

I am not one of those photographers who held the first camera as a child; on the contrary, I came to it late and a bit doubtful, after more than a decade of experience as a performance theater actress and after another, shorter but equally intense adventure in the world of national TV as a cameraman and editor. These were two decisive phases in my life, from which I learned a great deal about human beings, their poses and truths. But then surprisingly, in 2008, I was given a Nikon D300 and from there my priorities changed.

I practiced almost all genres before landing on studio photo shootings, because to learn, and especially to survive in this industry, it is good to roll up your sleeves. Eventually I found my place, the studio, where I feel free to manage at will the sacred attributes of photography, light and color, and where I dare to establish intimate, lightning-fast relationships of trust with the people who cross its threshold, my other great passion. Now I can happily say that studio photo shoots for freelancers and companies are really my speciality.
In this field I can best combine my technical skills with empathising with people to bring out the best in them.
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I not only photograph but also take care of the editing of each image. In 2022 I earned the Adobe International Certification in Visual Design Using Adobe Photoshop, finally a fitting tribute to my nerdy undertone.

Finally, if you would also like to have a look at my visual art works, you are also welcome to visit

I live in work in Genova, Italy

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